DuckLife3-Evolution 1

DuckLife 3: Evolution is the third game in the DuckLife series.

Gameplay Edit

Firstly, you will have to choose 4 Eggs: Swimming Type, Athletic Type, Flying Type and Strength Type. Once you choose an egg, you will get to train, race and eat. However, in this game, there will be no shops, and you will not get prizes once you finished the race.

Once you evolved until you reached the maximum duck to the Dark World. You will have to race the black duck with you as a white duck. However, when you are racing, some interruptions will come out, named Domo-kun. You just need to click every single Domo-kun to destroy them so they won't interrupt you. If you got hit the Domo-kun for once, you will immediately get last place.

If you succeeded, you will receive a huge amount of money, Arcade games, Domo-kun Shootout, a throne room and you can look at your evolved ducks.

Ducks Edit

Swimming Type Edit

Swimming Type is good at swimming, however that doesn't mean you cannot train him/her swimming. Without enough training, this duck still can lose in races.

Strength Type Edit

This duck has strengths. They need a proper training so it will be good at races.

Athletic Type Edit

This duck doesn't really have any strengths or weaknesses, but it can kiss my cat, (good), if you train it right, and its second and third forms are really creepy, so that's cool!

Flying Type Edit

Flying Type has an A+ for flying. However, just like swimming duck, that does not mean you cannot train flying because you are good at flying. Both swimming and flying type only have bonuses for both activities.

Menus Edit

Option Menu Edit

If you click on "Options" Menu, you will have a screen that shows what quality you want, maybe High (H), maybe Medium (M) or maybe Low (L).

SFX Menu Edit

If you want music, you can just leave it and do not click on it. If you do not want music, click on it and the text will change to "SFX Off".

Achievements Menu Edit

This Menu is under SFX Menu. Just click on it and see how many achievements you've unlocked. Try to unlock them all!

Race Menu Edit

This Menu is at the left of Options Menu. In this Menu, you just click and see if you have unlocked Qualifiers or Finals race yet. For Qualifiers, they have different races, but is very easy to beat. For Finals, the game is medium easy and medium hard.

Train Menu Edit

This menu is where you train your duck. It has 4 categories: Flying, Climbing, Running and Swimming. If you reach the first duck (Amateur Duck), the maximum level for each is 50, for Advanced Duck has 100 maximum level while the Professional Duck (Pro Duck) will have 150 as maximum level.

Coins Menu Edit

This Menu just show how many coins you've collected in the Training Game. You can see this bar below Training Bar Menu.

Training Bar Menu Edit

This is just a bar that shows you which level you reached. It has Energy, Swimming, Flying, Climbing and Running bars.

Dispensers Edit

Each side of the Game screen has a dispenser. The left dispenser has Super Seed which costs 15 coins. It greatly increases your duck energy. The right side is Seed that increases your energy level, which costs 1 coin.

'Choose League' Menu Edit

This can be found on the bottom left, the bottom of the SuperSeed dispenser. There will be 3 leagues: Amateur, Advance and Professional. If you already finished the game and had another duck, there will be an added Menu below those 3 menus: Throne Room. Throne Room will change the Train Menu into Your Ducks Menu, and change the Race Menu into Arcade Menu, that has a minigame called Domo-kun Shootout. There will be no dispensers, and the middle is your duck gallery of their evolution.

Locations Edit

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