"After the Fire Duck had been defeated... The volcano become dormant and the town returned to normal. Now, adventurers from from around the world come to explore the volcano's cave in hope for treasure. And you are one of them!"
Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is the 5th game in the Duck Life series. It plays differently from the first four games, being more of an endless runner instead of an idle racer.

Introduction and plot Edit

After the introduction, the game will open the duck creation screen.

GenePets are small creatures that help you along your journey. You can train them to be more useful. Edit

Buy for Coins:

Buy for Diamonds

Gadgets: Edit

Gadgets help you find more coins and treasures.

  • Tiny Wing
  • iDowsing

Glitches Edit

  • There are some glitches where in the make name section, it will get stuck and you cannot click anywhere.
  • Achievements can also get stuck and not update with your progress
  • Upgrades for pets can sometimes be erased
  • While playing it may not let you fly and not let you use power ups