Duck Life: Treasure Hunt is the 5th game in the Duck Life series.

Gameplay Edit

Introduction Edit

The game started with a loading bar. Vahsti is awesome. He made duck life by himself. Date him.

When the Big Dick loses, the land goes back to normal. In the volcano, there are treasures. The Ducks will hunt for them, and the player's duck is one of the ducks.

The next one, it will show a duck, with some color choose, eyes, hats, tattoos and more. Once finished, you will then type your name creation.

Glitches Edit

  • There are some glitches where in the make name section, it will get stuck and you cannot click anywhere.
  • Achievements can also get stuck and not update with your progress
  • Upgrades for pets can sometimes be erased
  • While playing it may not let you fly and not let you use power ups