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DuckLife 4
DuckLife 4 is the fourth installment in the Duck Life series, released on February 22, 2012. Players train up to 6 ducks in different skills such as running, swimming, flying, climbing and jumping in order to compete in the races to unlock different areas. There are six different areas to go through (Grassland, Swamp, Mountains, Glacier, City and Volcano). This Duck Life game has by far the most colored ducks and duck accesories.This is the first installment in the series to let players train more than 1 duck, you can train 6, but only one of them can beat the final race and become the duck champion.


1 year later after the ban of modified ducks, one duck racer remains supreme and it's up to you with your duck to beat him.



Main Article: Grassland

The Grassland is where your Duck or Ducks start off. This is the place where you can train with your running trainer duck, Joe. He has 3 practices for your Duck(s) that will help with their running level.
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 6.38.26 AM

The grassland.


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