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See also: Grassland (Duck Life 3)

The Grassland is the first world in Duck Life 4. It is where the character learns about the game and running. It is also location for the Grassland Tournament.

The first mini-game is to run underground and to be faster than the side-scrolling screen.

The second mini-game is to avoid all objects coming down from above.

The third mini-game is to press the numbers, 1,2,3, and 4 to jump rocks.


  • Joe, the running trainer
  • White racer duck, no requirements race, $50 prize
  • Brown racer duck, minimum running level 10 race, invite race


  • Skill Seed - $15
  • Brown Egg - $100
  • White Egg - $100
  • Haircuts - $50 each
  • Watermelon hat - $50
  • Bowler hat - $50
  • Straw hat - $100
  • Fez - $100
  • Yellow Egg - $100
  • Pink Egg - $250
  • Lilac Egg - $250

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