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Welcome to the "Duck Life Wiki"! We're a collaborative community website about the DuckLife series that anyone including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started! You're all awesome!!

About DuckLife Edit

In this series, there are 6 games:

DuckLife- released in 2010, it's about training your duck to win races to save the farm.

DuckLife 2 World Championship- released in Summer 2010, it's about winning races to be a world champion.

DuckLife 3 Evolution- released in May 2011, it's about training the farmer's new genetically modified duck which can evolve and become better at certain skills.

DuckLife 4- released in March 2012, it's about training multiple ducks to win races.

DuckLife 5 Treasure Hunt- released in 2014, it's about hunting treasures instead of winning races.

DuckLife 6 Space- the demo version released in 2017, it's about training and winning races in space.

Enjoy these games; hope you all win these games!

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