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Please starting adding descriptions for each game. Please do not just copy and paste something from another site.

in the series they are six games:

DUCk Life & The DUCK Life App.

Duck Life 2: World Champion

Duck Life 3: Evolution. There are a app for all of these games.

This game has 3 stages from what i recall, not counting the winner line.

Duck Life 4

This is the version i grew up with and Jacksepticeye played on his channel

This is a unity option and is "more polished." I still prefer the other though.

Duck Life 5: Treasure Hunt

Duck Life 6: Space

Enjoy the game, hope you all win this game!

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Fixed by Yurno. No account or anything but i will try to constantly help keep this page a real and serious page about the serious game about serious ducks

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