Fire Duck
Placeholder person
The Fire Duck
Vital statistics
Name Fire Duck
Color Orange
Species Duck
Also Called Fire Duck
Appearance(s) Duck Life 4
The Fire Duck is the main antagonist in Duck Life 4.


The Fire Duck's color is orange with short hair and fire-y eyes.

How to Unlock Edit

One year after the ban of modified ducks, one duck remains supreme. When you have unlocked his hiding place and obtained the keys, go to the crate and it will open. You get a detonator which you set off. You will be challenged by the Fire duck and if all your skills are 150, you must face a challenge where you must beat him. The trainer says he can fly and be on fire without dying. In the challenge, you use the arrow keys to get to the finish line while avoiding the lava. If you touch lava, the challenge ends and a screen appears saying you were taken to hospital and within 4 months made a full recovery. There is a picture of your duck and a quote saying "I'll never touch lava again." under it. You also get the option to retry or exit the challenge. If you win, you get a free duck you can customize yourself, a crown to have on your head and an arcade machine which you can use to play your favorite training games.