The Tournament is the key goal to Duck Life. It's where your Duck competes with other ducks. If you win, you get access to other areas and Tournaments in the game. Completing the Tournaments also results in winning the game.


In Duck Life 1 and 2, you can get money and you get to enter the next tournament. In Duck Life 3, you get to enter the next league. In Duck Life 4, you get to go to the next area.


The Duck can enter these contests without requirements (excluding Duck Life 4 because you need an invite from another duck) and can participate. During a Tournament, you cannot control your Duck. He/she will control themself and will go fast or slow depending on his/her skills. If your Duck does not have enough energy, they will collapse and you lost. If your Duck doesn't have enough skills, they won't win. When a Duck goes past the finish line, a countdown triggers and if it reaches zero before all the Ducks finish, the race finishes and the Ducks are placed based on how far thay are from the finish line.


  • In Duck Life 4, the obstacles are based on what skills you have unlocked.
  • In Ducklife 4, you can choose up to three of your Ducks to compete in a tournament.
  • In Duck Life 4's Volcano, there are no tournaments, you just have to race with the Fire Duck to win.


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